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Gameday Allure Brand Ambassador Program

Gameday Allure is an online retailer for fashionable and affordable college gameday attire and accessories.  To help spread the word about our online boutique to females on college campuses, we are launching our Ambassador Program.  Gameday Allure is seeking college students to actively represent and promote the company and website on their college campuses through the use of social media, involvement in campus-related activities or organizations, and word-of-mouth.  In return, the Ambassador Program is a great way to gain sales, marketing and promotional experience, build your resume, and earn free or discounted gameday clothing and accessories!

Ambassador Qualifications

  • Looking for motivated, bright, enthusiastic and creative females with an interest in fashion and/or marketing.
  • Must be currently enrolled as a college freshman, sophomore or junior (Spring 2015)
  • Looking for individuals with a strong media presence and/or a fashion blog.
  • Must be committed to working as a brand ambassador for a term of 6 months (June-November 2015).

Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Identify ways to represent and promote Gameday Allure through campus involvement.
  • Post a minimum of two times per week on social media on behalf of Gameday Allure.
  • Keep users engaged with promotions, giveaways, etc.
  • Provide Gameday Allure with innovative input and ideas for future merchandise, designs or customer needs


  • Resume Builder/ First-hand Fashion and Marketing experience/ Networking Opportunities
  • Earn free/discounted clothing and accessories through sales generated with personalized discount codes.
  • Personalized SWAG bags for top ambassadors at the end of 6-month term.
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